How To: Create Your Own Crime Scene

This is an idea I have had for some time, re-creating a crime scene. I find it strangely fascinating, if a little dark and gruesome! Ok so your asking why in the hell would I want to create a crime scene? Well if like me you enjoy watching CSI (any or all three of them) or other such programmes like FBI Files or even I dunno the X-Files, this might appeal to you. I know I’m not the only one I found this blog whilst browsing the other day. Other than my interest in the aforementioned tv viewing, at the time of working on this project I was in a real creative slump and needed something that was going to push my photography to another level. After a test shoot with a friend, which didnt go completely to plan, I managed to convince a contact off Model Mayhem to do the shoot with me and these are some of the results…

Crime Scene Investigation.

Crime Scene Investigation 1 - TdM Photography ©

Ok on to what you will need;

  1. A willing accomplice, someone to play dead basically.
  2. Clothes that the model / friend wont mind getting dirty, ripped etc depends how authentic a look you are going for!
  3. Fake Blood of some sort, google it there are loads of recipes.
  4. Location markers to highlight potential evidence, I used some blank cards and spray painted them yellow and to make them look more realistic number decals, you could use letters if you wanted or make your own stencils to save money.
  5. A suitable location, location is key, sure crime happens everywhere, but find somewhere dark and gritty looking to add an element of realism. In my examples the model happened to know a friend who lived in a squat, we went here for the afternoon and did the shoot in an upstairs room.
  6. On camera flash gun
  7. Turn off the lights, yeah its a nightmare to focus in the dark but use a torch, partially illuminating the crime scene will make for interesting shadow and hey thats what the professionals do. I hadn’t got a choice in this case, there were no lights! So go on test your self!
CSI Crime Scene 2 -  TdM Photography ©

CSI Crime Scene 2 - TdM Photography ©

Crime Scene Investigation 4 - TdM Photography ©

Crime Scene Investigation 4 - TdM Photography ©

Top photo used by Nikkidarling to right this guide


5 Responses to “How To: Create Your Own Crime Scene”

  1. 1 Brooke 08/09/2008 at 16:41

    Now that’s out of the box thinking. Opens up lots of avenues. We all have blocks and ideas are what we need.


  2. 2 tdmphotography 08/09/2008 at 16:47

    Thats right, cheers for the comment Brooke.

    I like trying new stuff and this, despite the slightly grizzley nature really worked for me. Yeah its a little dark but who the hell wants to take girly flower macros and the same mundane sh*t all the time ;-)

  3. 3 phojus 09/09/2008 at 23:05

    Something to try on Sunday methinks.

    Nice post Jon, like you say, it’s always worth trying something a bit different. Flickr makes me sick sometimes with all the pretty pictures. Need more of this.

  4. 4 tdmphotography 10/09/2008 at 08:56

    Thanks Jus, Its a while since I did this but its one of my strongest shoots I reckon, so thought it was worth revisiting and plus as you say its a little out of the ordinary!

  1. 1 How To: Create Your Own Crime Scene Trackback on 05/09/2008 at 21:40

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