The Wonder of Words & Killing Time…

Ok so I got some time to kill before the weekend…


SH*T! Its only Tuesday night, ahhhhh well just counting down the time till the weekend cos I’m shooting gigs Friday night and out on another light painting / light painting mission on Saturday night. Anyways I’ve been messing around with some internet time killers I thought I’d share. There probably ancient and I’m the last to know about them but what the heck, I never said I was cutting edge!

First up is Wordle (did you just yawn, yeah I know I’m backward)

I have seen this a couple of times recently and thought I would have a go. Another one of the Internet’s wonderful time killing devices, this cloud is made up of tags and text from my blog. Hopefully when I come back to the site next time I have a few minutes of boredom to kill, there will be many more exciting words to play with.

Create your own @

You can even do it with random bits of text, I have seen some really inspirational ones that would probably look good as T-Shirt, for instance there was one of Samuel L Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17:” speech, from Pulp Fiction (which interestingly I just found out isn’t exactly the same as it is in the bible! Good old Tarantino eh) and another of rock genres caught my eye…

Created by  Nicolas Tobon

Created by Nicolas Tobon

Also I’ve been playing a neat flash game called Portal found via N3rds blog, check it out there’s another 4 games to check out in his top five I’ll upload a screenshot of the game later if I get chance but its deffinitely worth checking out TRUST ME! I’m stuck on level 9!

Some more to add in the morning…


2 Responses to “The Wonder of Words & Killing Time…”

  1. 1 phojus 09/09/2008 at 23:08

    Cheers for the heads up. I’m not going anywhere that game site you mention – I’m such a lazy f*ck, I’ll be up all night. need bed.

    But that Wordle thing is cool. might have to put one of them up on my site. Cheers

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