Keep On Truckin…

Well another weekend flew by, literally at times, as I mentioned previously, Friday night was going to be consumed by the Aftershow. Where we saw the excellent Gideon Conn, who yet again wowed the crowd and during a rapturous climax brought the show to a close with a cover of the Outcast hit Miss Jackson! The boy who seems to be so shy and unassuming has a real stage presence. Even when playing lesser know tracks the crowd who are normally just head nodding to the usual, run of the mill indie acts that play regularly were bouncing up and down and having a great time. We didn’t really stick around to see anyone else as had a big night ahead of us Saturday night (More of that later) but here’s a few images of Gideon in action…

Aftershow Birthday - Gideon Conn 13/09/08

Aftershow Birthday - Gideon Conn 13/09/08

And finally, proving that all photographers have a loving relationship and total respect for one another, even those that are your best mates, heres Gideon (not the singer / rapper) aka G, aka Th3g

Mutual Respect Is Common Amongst Photographers!

Saturday started brightly, I finally got our poor broken down washing machine fixed, its been blocked up for over a week and we were starting to run out of clothes and the water in it had started to smell! YUK!

Then all the football results went my way, much to my delight, oh well apart from Aresenal cruising to a 4-0 win at Blackburn but hey you cant have everything ;-) As for Saturday evening, what can I say things couldnt have gone better. G and I set off just after eight and after a couple of hours driving and some blasts from the past; including Roni Size, Mr Scruff, KRS 1 and other such musical delights, on the stereo we arrived at our meeting place with Andy, a contact from Flickr. Neither of us had met him but were both more than happy to meet up with him as he seemed like a cool guy and was more than capable at “our kind” of photography! We owed him a visit anyways as a previous planned trip had fallen through. All the way down we had been watching the clouds slowly disappear and the stars coming out to play, twinkling in the Autumn sky.

By the time we reached our intended destination, mist had started to form and was swirling all around us, as we crossed a freshly cut field visibility was patchy but the way was illuminated by a full moon and the scene around us was pretty much otherworldly. When we finally approached the location the mist had become thick fog and we could see little more than 15ft in front of us.

The General Pt2
The General
F5.6 / ISO 100 / 167secs / 10mm.
Green gelled flash from behind and to right of camera, cab red gelled flash multiple times, underneath gelled flash yellow, again multiple times.

Lil Pinkie
Lil Pinkie
F5.6 / 201secs / ISO100 / 16mm.
Pink gelled flash from front, cab lit by yellow gel, rear and underneath lit by aqua gelled flash. All fired multiple times.

Keep  On Truckin Pt2
Keep On Truckin PT2
F5.6 / 225secs / ISO100 / 12mm
Exterior greeny blue gelled flash (only once or twice), interior lit with violet flash multiple times and finally underneath lit from rear and far side with “Chrome Orange”

The next shot isn’t amazing but it shows you just HOW foggy it was…

F5.6 / 106secs / ISO100 / 20mm
Red gelled flash from rear and front lit by yellow gelled 2million candle torch.
Hopefully this will give you a size of some of the beasts that we encountered, to the left of this there were empty containers lined up, they are by no means small and this thing absolutely dwarfed them. I remember feeling last time I visited and particularly this time, that some of these now decaying relics resembled massive dinosaurs as they slowly lumbered out of the thick primordial fog.

After packing up our gear we made our way back slowly, pretty blindly, through the fog to the car, where I preceded to make us all a nice cup of tea on my Pocket Rocket Stove. Andy having not met us before was well impressed by how prepared we were! After sharing thoughts about this amazing place and how well we thought we had shot etc we were off to check out a spot we had briefly checked out earlier in the evening before coming here.

10minutes later, zipping down lots of country lanes we were there, due to the nature of the place I am not going to mention where it was but safe to say we didn’t break in or do any damage whatsoever. That goes against our ethos, if we couldn’t have got in we wouldn’t have bothered. Anyways here follows some shots, they are not amazing as I was a lil uneasy shooting there at first but we all settled in after a while and were happily shooting after a little uneasiness.

Shooting Star
Shooting Star (Lockheed T33a)
F5.6 / 132secs / ISO200 / 10mm
Green gelled flash from right side once or twice, cockpit flash twice with red gelled flash and intake lit by red gelled Maglight, joint lighting from myself and Andy.

Thrust (Mig 27k)
F5.6 / 64secs / ISO200 / 10mm
Lit by red gelled 2D Maglight (centre) and again same torch gelled blue, run around in a circle. Whilst shooting this Andy, quite rightly, commented that it looked like an X-Wing from Star Wars! You can pretty much see just how bad the light pollution was here, I really hate that horrible orange sky but what can you do and having said that think it looks ok in this shot.

Bluenose Bast*rd
Blue Nose Bast*rd (Avro Ashton)
F5.6 / 38secs / ISO200 / 10mm
Like a big squid like creature, swimming out of the darkness, all that remains of this beast is the nose and partial fuselage. I was gutted I couldn’t get inside to light the windows but what can you do eh!

After shooting a couple more shots, which sadly didnt make it past the cutting room floor, we all decided it was time to call it a night as it was fast approaching 5am. A very productive night was had by all and I look forward to seeing the others shots.

Will add other pics later, hope you enjoyed the shots and delights this trip provided.


3 Responses to “Keep On Truckin…”

  1. 1 bokker 17/09/2008 at 17:57

    Haha, love the truck shots, but am laughing too much at that photo of G. What a mardy bum.
    BTW, your blog looks very cool. Mine looks crap, I will have to change it.

  2. 2 tdmphotography 17/09/2008 at 18:17

    Yeah I know what a cheek eh, I was the one who worked hard on the gig circuit particularly at the Aftershow and there he is dissing me in my own backyard! Light Painting is coming on a treat, have learnt a lot recently and getting home on at 6am Sunday morning is really starting to pay off!

  3. 3 phojus 05/10/2008 at 01:09

    blinking eck Jon, you’ve been a busy bugger. Blog’s shaping up real nice.

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