From Budapest With Love!

For quite a while now and its about time I started writing again. Being fairly active over on Twitter recently, isnt mirco-blogging addictive and lets face it less stressful than trying to write hundreds of words interspersed with the odd picture! Add me over there if  you like?

Anyways I digress, by the looks of things I haven’t written since September, shame on me I know, but I don’t often find time to concentrate on upping new material. That coupled with the fact I am not a very gifted writer. Which I guess is why I try to fill posts with as many pics as possible and after all that’s all you’re here for to see some pretty pics! Likewise I like showing them off!

So what have I been up to? Well I suppose the most exciting thing I’ve done in the past couple of moths was a 5 day visit to Budapest. MAN this place was a photographers dream, I managed to arrange a stay in a Youth Hostel, keeping costs to minimum, it was situated in an amazing 4 storey building, with balconied internal courtyard…

My apartment was just to the left (out of frame) on the top floor balcony. I couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque place to stay, the place itself was a lil bit basic with a dodgy boiler which frequently meant cold showers but after a while I got used to it!

Luckilly, I wasnt left to blindly wander around BP on my own, which as much fun as it would have been I really dont think I would have achieved or seen half as much as I would have. One of my contacts through work had kindly agreed to show me around, of course we went to many of the tourist hotspots but I also was afforded the luxury of experiencing some of the lesser known delights BP has to offer both in the city itself and on the outskirts…

Bar KUPLUNG (or Clutch in English), the entrance narrow courtyard entrance was is literally brought to life with some colourful legal graffiti.

or Tolvaj Zsido Demszky if your Hungarian! Political graffiti at a tram stop Pest side of the Danube.

In hidden coutyards, colourful and interesting architecture can be found everywhere.

As I said above we obviously hit some of the hotspots of which there are many as BP is steeped in both relatively recent (ie. Communism) and much older history. Of particular note were Heroes Square…

Dohany Synagogue

Erzsébet kilátó, or Elizabeth look out, situated outside the city on the Buda side, atop Janos Hegy, this wonderful building sits surveying all of Budapest as far as the eye can see.

Taken in the tower at Erzsébet kilátó, this immediately reminded MC Escher’s work and is probably one of my favourite shots from the whole trip.

I guess I could waffle on and on about the about the place but I reckon you’d get bored pretty quickly I think I’ll finish off with a couple of other favourites and a lil bit about the light painting trip I arranged at the Szoborpark, a former Communist momument statue park. Anyways first some more photies…

Little red Fiat (I think) found whilst wandering the streets after a few beers one night, cute lil thing isnt it!

Playing around with the shadows outside the hostel, alcohol induced inspiration seemed to work in my favour again here, just chilling at the hostel having a few beers, I became transfixed by all the cool shadows on the balcony.

Taken on Margrit Sziget, outside the public open air baths, just prior to taking this, I had wondered up to the entrance, which was gated due to it being out of season and as I peered through the bars a big German Shepard came charging at me ans scared the bejesus out of me! Thank god for the bars! I think it woke the security guard up too ;-) Accidentally I promise the focus on this shot, rather embarrassingly is on her *cough* assets! Wooops!

I was I have to say really impressed by the amount of graffiti there was, not just tags but full on pieces, the above was legal stuff on building site hoardings but there were cool stickers, toys and little throw ups all over the place.

To Be Continued…


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