The Long Saturday

WOW what a day, we kicked off in nice gentle style at Mr&Mrs.Boon’s tea party, downstairs in the basement at TV21’s. It really is an event worth dragging yourself along to and its family friendly so no excuse if you have nippers in tow. Clint spins some tunes whilst Mrs. B sells exquisite cakes of the finest order. The afternoon is usually nicely topped off with acoustic performance from and up and coming local artiste. Today it was the turn of the Dutch Uncles, sorry no pics was too dark and didn’t fancy using flash.

A couple of cups tea and huge chocolate eclair later we spirited away, refreshed, across town to the Green Room to watch the latest rendition of the “Thingumajigs” rock opera “Club Vaudeville”

This is the second time I have seen the performance and it has been tweaked and added to since its incarnation last year during the MAPS festival, with noticeable improvement. NOT that it wasn’t good in the first place, its the tale of a down on her luck club owner, who dreams of making it big in the movies but her path to stardom is beset by the dastardly Jean Claude the Fraud, who happens to actually be called Dave from Salford and not French at all! There’s singing and dancing and humor by the bucket load. A great story, which I wont spoil here in case you get the chance to sample it yourself and believe me its well worth it. Flash photography was not encouraged by the theatre so didn’t risk it.

So with sore bellies from all the laughter we made a quick dash up to Portland street for some food at Buffet City. A great place for a quick meal, for those in a rush  on a budget, who dont fancy fash food and something a little different.

WARNING: Dont over indulge!

Suffice to say when we left we could hardly walk and garlic burps were a little too noticeable (woops, pardon me!). So we slowly trudged back to the Green Room for the climax to the evening “Green Bohemia’s 5th Birthday”. On the bill were Dr Butler’s Medicine Hatstand Band, Gideon Conn, Jessie Rose Trip and rounding off and an already successful evening, was The Thingumajigs were back for a performance of the usual tunes we have become accustomed to.

Finally I managed to get some pictures and listen to some great music to boot. Now I have seen Thingumys and Gideon on numerous occasions and really enjoy live sets from both, Dr. Butlers I have seen before but whilst I love their look I am not mad keen on their tune-age (each to his own – I guess). However the act that really caught my eye musically was Jessie Rose Trip, tipped by Clint Boon as a “next big thing” I have to say I whole hearted agree. Jessie’s voice is seductive and soulful with just the right amount of pop like-ability for big thing to happen, backed by a band with a great sense timing.  The very fact that they have a mute trumpet player is the icing on the cake, I am a SUCKER for a mute trumpet, ever since I fell in love with stuff like Portishead and other downbeat artist of their ilk.

All the pictures can been seen here but here’s  a couple more favouirites from the evening…

Dr. Butlers Medecine Hatstand Band

Dr. Butlers Medecine Hatstand Band

Dr Butlers Medicine Hatstand Band

_MG_1544 Green Bohemia wm

Gideon Conn

Jessie Rose Trip

Jessie Rose Trip

Jessie Rose Trip

Thingumabob & The Thingumajigs

Thingumarob vs Thingumakev!

Thingumabob & The Thingumajigs

The Thingumajigs

(L-R) Christopher “Pablo” Paul, Thingumarob, Jack the General Jennings, Mr Aiden Smith & Thingumkev.


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