Jessie Rose Trip – Night & Day

I think a few of my mates are sick of hearing me say how good Jessie Rose Trip are but I got the opportunity to see them again this weekend. This was billed as M.E.N’s gig of  the week and yet again they didnt disappoint! It was nice to meet the band properly too, they are all really nice guys and gals.

Jessie Rose Trip

Lighting in Night and Day was mega dark, which made shooting pretty tricky but with flash and with the “niffy fifty” I managed to get some reasonable images. There were however some pretty nice coloured spots which made for some nice tinted shadows and highlights; besides I think its what appeals to me about this place, the fact that its dark and dingy, even if it does make for it tricky to shoot. Here’s a few more images to feast your eye’s on, the rest are here

Jessie Rose Trip

Jessie Rose Trip


4 Responses to “Jessie Rose Trip – Night & Day”

  1. 1 Justin‎ 06/03/2009 at 08:59

    Never mind the dark. It’s what makes these shots interesting. Of these three, I’m lovin the second.

    I had a listen to them on their myspace page after you tweeted about them the other day (one of the many tweets about them :P ), I think I need another listen. It’s not my usual kinda music but I’m always open to broadening my musical horizons.

    And if you need an assistant at one of these gigs…

  2. 2 tdmphotography 06/03/2009 at 12:54

    Ha cool Justin, I was hooked first time I listened to them and that was live. She has a great voice and I’m a sucker for mute trumpet and the band have great cohesion generally. Yeah I know I’ve been banging on about them but I listen to soooooo many run of the mill indie rock bands, when I hear something new and refreshing, not mention talented I reckon its worth a quick plug. Thanks for your kind words about the shots, its the second time I have shot them and the other venue had some much brighter lighting but as I said the nice littel spots of colour worked quite well here.

    Not really any need of assistance, but there’s loads of small venues that will let you shoot at nights, just email a few.

  3. 3 Justin‎ 09/03/2009 at 10:23

    Cheers. Ah, not really what I meant as getting into gig/events photography not really my thing. Literally just offering assist. No worries. :)

  4. 4 tdmphotography 09/03/2009 at 11:01

    he he ok Jus, I’ll let you know, not really something thats required with live shots; just turn up and take the shots! But maybe for a planned location band shoot, will let you know.

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