I have a dream

F7.1  / 36mins / ISO200 / 10mm

Ambient light apart from torch at the bottom of the steps (doh, although I quite like it!)

More of a re-con mission than a serious attempt at shooting, I have wanted to visit this monster statue for sometime now. After seeing it get the go-ahead on Channel 4’s “Big Art” program I immediately contacted St Helens council, who based on my previous night photography work have commissioned me to take some night photography of the statue. Last nights effort was just really to go have a look see what I was dealing with exactly with this 20m high statue, quite possibly the largest thing I have ever tried to capture seriously.

Watch this space for more ;-)

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5 Responses to “I have a dream”

  1. 1 adebond 21/08/2009 at 09:36

    Love the star trails. It really is an inspirational work of art. I drive past it twice a day but I’ve only been up to see it up close the once. The Big Art Project was a great piece of programming and it was fantastic that this local project was such a success.

    Looking forward to seeing some more results.

    Wasn’t it pretty eerie up there on the colliery in the middle of the night with just the statue towering over you?

  2. 2 tdmphotography 21/08/2009 at 09:49

    Hey dude, yeah it was pretty weird the brain cant quite fathom how big that thing is, especially at night. I wasnt alone tho, I tend not to shoot at night on my own just in case something should go wrong! So was with a buddy anyway, we did run into some scallies when we were up there but they proved to be harmless and actually quite amusing; despite one of the girls asking about ten times what we were doing there a night to which one of her mates, starting to get a little irrated at the repetitive questioning replied “TAKING PHOTOS, HOW MANY MORE TIMES!”

  3. 3 aswirly 27/08/2009 at 07:07

    LOL at the TAKING PHOTOS comment. Didn’t she see your cam and tripod? Well you KNOW I love this shot. The statue looks amazing with those stars whizzing by behind. Your blog is awesome and I look forward to exploring it more. Thank you for voting for my blog btw. Very kind of you.

    • 4 tdmphotography 27/08/2009 at 11:49

      Hey Amber, thanks for the visit. Its great to get a response as so many people in cyberspace just dont take the time or are plain ignorant! RE: TAKING PHOTOS comment; Some people just need telling a few times as they are not blessed with the best mental capability ;-) However having said that a lot of photographers I know dont quite get what we are upto when we visit some of the places we go to a night, on top of that a lot of people dont understand that the lighting and coloured effects are organic and captured in camera but hey ho, you gotta struggle for your art! Look forward to seeing how your star trails progress, dont forget to get in touch when you have done some more and make sure you try the program and tutorial I suggested! :-)

      • 5 aswirly 27/08/2009 at 18:42

        I’ll definitly try it out. I actually have the program saved but haven’t taken enough shots to make it worthwhile…yet. It’s true that people don’t understand the night time colors captured. That’s the beauty of photography, you can control sooo much technically in camera, as well as artistically. Anyways, have a good one. I’ll be in touch…Just gotta get myself out of the foggy city again so I can see the starry sky!

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