I started this is blog originally to accompany my website and drive more traffic to it, as it wasn’t possible to blog directly there. I am yet another photographer with delusions of grandeur, I’d like it to be a career but realistically I know I will always probably be an above average amateur.

I shoot a wide range of subjects including landscape, fashion, portraiture and night photography. I have also spent a lot of time shooting within the thriving Manchester music scene and photographed many of today’s up and coming rock and indie bands. Examples of all of my work is available on my website www.tdmphotography.co.uk

All images here, on my website, Flickr , Facebook and Myspace are all copy-write Jon Shackleton ©. If you would like to use them in any form whatsoever please contact me here, on my site or any of the above platforms…

Images are available for sale in the SHOP on my website, if an image you’ve seen isnt listed just get in touch and I will make it available. Currently payment is via Paypal only.

Thanks for looking




4 Responses to “Whats It All About…?”

  1. 1 Clive 27/09/2008 at 12:29

    Hi there! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Wish I had your skill with a camera to make the most of things – your stuff is amazing!! Particularly love the band shots – a man after my own heart! Cheers and thanks again! Clive

  2. 2 Claire 17/02/2009 at 14:07

    I love your photos! I am sure you can making a decent living from this, you obviously have talent so don’t give up. I came across this blog randomly through Google as I am living in Budapest, You are right – it is a photographer’s dream!

  3. 4 Leanne 13/01/2011 at 00:47

    I was just wondering if you had any tips because I am also a Photographer with delusions of grandeur but am currently lost on a dusty track with no glow stick to show me the way. If you’re in the North West I’d love to shadow you.

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