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Into The Night

Been meaning to write this post for weeks now, but until the realism of its subject actually gathered pace I have been holding off a bit! After what seems like forever, countless emails badgering people etc,  I have finally managed to get an exhibition arranged at Font Bar, New Wakefield St. Manchester.

The Exhibition commences this Sunday, with an opening night 6-9 and the images will hang for 3months. These last couple of months have really amazed me and what I have been able to achieve once securing the venue. I have of course had lots of help from friends and family, without whom it wouldnt be possible.

On the opening night there will also be guest DJ spot by the very talented Mr Air Adam and hopefully PA permitting a very exclusive acoustic performance by Mutineers, who are close friends of mine and have photographed them on many occaisions.

So lots and lots of planning will finally come to fruition this Sunday, still much to be done and I am nervous as hell (!) but really looking forward to it. I set out with one key goal this year and that was to exhibit and finally I am about to achieve it, I cant wait. All are welcome so if you are nearby and interested enough to pop in, please do so, the pieces will hang as I say for 3months so if you cant make the opening dont worry. Also it would be great to get some feedback let me know what you thought, get in touch drop me a quick mail or a comment here or on facebook or my website.

Hopefully see you there! :-)

Exhibition Layout

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Coloured Lights at Night

OK been a bit busy of late, as previous posts will testify but here’s a few film shots I recently got developed to keep the interest up ;-)

All shots are unedited apart from addition of watermark and minor adjustments such as straightening. Really pretty pleased at how these shots turned out and the quality and sharpness that film provides never ceases to amaze me. Bulk of the shots are from a second visit to a former RAF Base, with the exception of the two underground shots, they were captured under the streets of Lancashire somewhere in an old culvert!

Anyway enough babble, on with the shots…

Haymaker Pt2

Haymaker PT2 – Canon EOS3000 F6.3 / ISO200 Film / 24mm /Aprrox 3mins.

Frigid  Air

Frigid Air – Canon EOS3000 F6.3 / ISO200 Film / 24mm / Approx 3mins
This lonely fridge stands in a corner of a room in this old base, with only a sink shoved inside its top half for company.

British Red & Blue

British Red & Blue – Canon EOS 3000 / F6.3 / ISO200 / Approx 8mins / 24mm


Haymaker PT2 – Canon EOS 3000 / F6.3 / ISO200 / Approx 5mins / 24mm



Long story behind the title but far too long to to explain here ;-) Dont remember the shot details for the above or below shots and god knows its a miracle they turned out anywhere near as good as this.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Ok so this shot isnt technically brilliant but I wanted to add it because I was so blown away by the size of the arches. It was extremeley hard because one it was completely pitch black and two there were 4 or so other people with us who were not completely in-tune with what I was trying to achieve but hey I aint bitching cos I wouldnt have been there in the first place if it wasnt for them. Also I coulnt even see as far as second couple of people further up on far side the tunnel, let alone as far as the exposure has picked up.

Successful, Sexy & Surreal Weekend (PT1)…

Well I promised you I was up for an exciting time this weekend and it didnt disappoint. I had two preplanned shoots that, well er for want of a better phrase “went to plan

First up on Saturday was the shoot for the Whiplash Rock Fetish Burlesque group and by god was I in for a surreal afternoon in Bolton. I had been contacted via Model Mayhem by one of the girls to come and shoot at a flat in Bolton, for some promo pictures both for the group as a whole and for the individual girls.  If I am completely honest I was more than a little aprhensive about this shoot as I have not yet done a lingerie / swimsuit shoot yet, let alone anything as racey as burlesque/fetish style shots.


When I arrived the girls were near enough ready and as we discussed ideas and shot possibilities, my  nerves subsided and I soon fell into the old routine of photographer. I think the fact that I havent done any fashion themed shoots since last year was what was buggin more than anything but the girls were great fun and we all got on well. Since they are accustomed to dancing very little clothing and were’nt at all shy really shows in the shots as none of them (to my mind, anyway) appear to be staged or forced.

Whiplash Fetish Burlesque

I was pleased also to get yet more invaluable strobist practice and with something better looking and challenging than my own ugly mug, especially since I never seemed to be able to look anything other than mildly p*ssed off! The girls were also pretty impressed when I got out the gels and started playing with some coloured lighting as they were keen to get some more evil / edgy looking shots and wanted to steer clear of the more cheesy stripper style burlesque images. Loads more shots to edit yet but there’s a few more here

Ruby Ravenous

Hope you enjoyed checking these out, certainly was enjoyable shoot if a little surreal stood infront of 3 girls wearing hardly anything all afternoon, not how I usually spend my Saturdays but hey ho! The time flew and then I was off home to edit and prepare for the following days shoot, with Divided Attention (more on that later).

Midweek Photoshoot Shenanigans…(Updated)

Started taking a few new paid commisions, which is of course nice, I need some new toys! Really enjoyed this one last night, had been asked to do a shoot for a restaurant owned by a friends colleague, so I guess that means I have branched into product and interior design photography now as well (eeek). The shoot went really well got some nicely laid out shots of 6 dishes off the menu, as well as some general shots of the restaurant itself.

Based in Cheetham Hill, Manchester the Cassava Cassava restaurant is an authenic African restaurant focussing primarily on Nigerian cusine.

After all the shooting had ceased, I got to sample some of the dishes prepared which included Hot Pepper and Goat Soup, Plantaine and Peanut Sauce amongst others all washed down with a welcome few beers (!) all in all it was an enjoyable and productive evening. Just got to edit all the shots now, will update with some of those once they are processed. Thanks to Eddie (or was it Gab ;-) for the photos above and below!

First set of edits in contact sheet format (cos it looks cool – thats why!)Pretty please with the results, lets hope the restaurant owner feels the same (fingers crossed) Naughty Photoshop – why did you choose the toilet shot first! I think I got a bit attached to the flower table decorations as the were so cool to shoot with some fat DOF action.

I “Heart” Google!

I recently very randomly found out by checking my stats on Flickr that this image appears on Page Four of Google’s image search under the term “Crime Scene Investigation” which if you think about it is no mean feat when you factor in how many random images of crime scenes there must be out there on the t’interweb. That coupled with the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of images relating to the popular American crime drama show, of which I am a big fan and this was partly the inspiration for the shoot.  So I gave myself a big pat on the back!

So I’ve decided to sell my soul…

Buy my art at

Er I mean my prints, I have just created a gallery on Imagekind, the quality and options through them seem very good and I have received good feedback on the images I have submitted already, so dont be shy and check em out! So far it just some of my recent night photography but once I have got some more time I will upload some more of my more popular images. If there is something you have seen on my Website / Flickr / or here that you would like a print of and it is not available, dont hesitate to ask and I will upload it, similarly if the size you require is not available I am happy to upload a high res image. Dont be shy I wont bite ;-)

Thanks for looking

Jon x

Bauer Homepage…

First piece of good news for the New Year…

Bauer Homepage

My good friends Bauer have decided to (wisely ;-)) feature my photography, quite heavily on their new website design, which is both pleasing and well deserved! I have followed them quite closely over the last six months, after hooking up with the at Manchester’s Aftershow @ Sankeys. I have now shot the band three times, at said venue, supporting The Bluetones and most recently at their debut single launch party at Academy 3. The band’s fan base is rapidly growing all the time and they are becoming ever more popular. The recent single “Starting Again” narrowly missed out on the UK Top 40, which was scuppered, through no fault of their own but due to one of the online sales stores (who shall remain nameless) neglecting to submit sales figures during the release week. Gutted!!

No doubt they will push forward and continue to shine, and reach further dizzy heights and yet more acclaim with the hotly anticipated follow up single. Good luck guys…

Anyway as soon as their website is updated with all my photography :-) I will update progress here. my profile


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