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There’s More, There’s More…

Bugsy PT2

Ok Ok so that was technically Jimmy Cricket not Bugs Bunny, I can imagine him saying it anyways I didgress on with the update…

The tail end of May saw me attend a a launch for a new Vodka Mixer from Schweppes, the interesting “Russhcian” – it does actually taste quite pleasant, yes I drank quite a few between grabbing people shots and taking incidentals at Ithaca Sushi Restuarant in Manchester. This rather plush venue offers the photographer some unique opportunities to capture great shots and interesting angles, I was facinated by the sparkly wallpaper and stairwell, that looked like some kind of nuclear spaceship engine bay, it also changes colours…

Schweppes Russchian Launch

Finishing things of in May, although chronologically slightly out of order, was a gig from Fulham based rapper Example, whos “We Didnt Invent The Remix” was introduced to me a year or so ago and made me laugh like an idiot. He had taken current and well known pop-songs and riffed over the top of them to humorous and devistating effect. Sadly not much of this material was on display as he went for newer more mainstream, yet still amusing up-beat material to stir the young croud who had gathered to see him. Mad me feel like a grand dad actually and you needed a wrist band to buy a drink at the bar to prove you were 18+ – I had a coke just to be on the safe side! ;-)

Moving into June, mid June in-fact, we headed way out west to Borth on the Welsh coast. A friend of a friend owns a house there that litterally opens onto the beach, albeit a stoney one (until the tide is out) we couldnt have asked for a nicer setting to get away from the smoke. Wont go mental with the pictures as there are a few good-uns and there were more than enough local features to exploit at night too!!

Whilst there the weather was extremly kind as you will see from the above shot of Ynyslas dunes, we spent a whole day chilling and playing boule here and can highly recomend it, IF you happen to be in the Aberystwyth area. The Sunsets back at Borth where we were staying were pretty epic too as you will see below, as always if you click on any of the shots it will take you to a whole load more on Flickr.

Wouldn’t be right if I didnt include some night photography, so have a butchers at these…

Whilst there I also had a dable at some more stop-motion video, best attempt to date, what do you reckon…?

Finally before I finish off this lil section best show you some lil strobism experiments I made whilst we were there; now normally whenever Gideon and I get our cameras out amongst friends, its not always audible but I am sure there is a little collective groaning, however add a few flash guns, some remote triggers and the tiniest bit of alcohol and it produces great results…

Bye for now ;-)


What That Wabbit Said…

Bugsy Low Res

Yes I’ve had a bit of a rest from the blog recently but then I have been extremely busy recently and I find blogging is one of those things that once you stop its hard to get back into and the procrastination is (sadly) high on my list of personality traits :-(

So here’s a little update of what I have been doing…

Way back in May (God is it that long since I last meant to blog, see how easy it is to let it slip!) I shot the launch of Jessie Rose trips debut single “Forever & a Day” and as always they didnt disappoint in style and musical ability, tipped for big things I hope they make it as they are deffinitely a cut above some of the duller clone bands doing the Manchester music scene at the moment. They were ably supported by Zarif, who has recently supported Beyonce and appeared on MTV. To see more pictures from the night click on the picture above.

Later on in marvelous May, I was invited by the lovely folks at  Vice Magazine to shoot their Stag and Dagger Festival, co-sponsored by Firetrap up in Leeds. This one dayer spread over several 5 venues in the student district of the town was great fun if a lil hectic and needing a chaffeur for the day I dragged along friend, music reviewer and record label dude Ben Savage. Once we had worked that the running order was badly worded on the programme and starting at mid-day and we had 5 hours to kill, we nipped over to a mates flat and chilled for a bit before the bands commenced. On show were, strangly mainly American and (I think) 1 Canadian band, those we got to see were; Wintersleep, Abe Vigoda, Crystal Antlers & White Denim.  Not given a real brief by Vice, I shot the bands (as most in my possition would have) and got a few incidentals, however looking again at other event coverage their togs tend to go mainly for crowd, people shots and humor rather than concentrating on whats going on on-stage, hence the tag-line on their website featuring my shots “Sweaty front men seem to be order of the day” – made me chuckle after the realisation dawned on me I had sort of broken some sort of Vice photographer code of practice ;-)

2 days later, another yearly date worth checking on the Manchester calendar rolled around, tired and a lil photo-ed out we were at Eurocultured. Another great mini festival, that see’s New Wakefield and Great Marlborough Streets  shut off to cars and turned into a multi staged event with bands, DJ’s, Street art, food stalls and all manner of other little delights. To be fair I was to tired and busy having fun to bother taking many shots but highlights included Broken £nglish & Riot Jazz, Mark XTC (Old School Hip-Hop) DJ Set on the Space Terrace and a mention must go to a band from Poland (I think) who were somewhat disturbing but hilarious, Dick 4 Dick! Singing in very basic English about being uber-gay and all manner of other things, dressed in leather and daubed in face-paint.

To Be Continued (I’m off out for a pint ;-)

Ballooning In Kendal!

Us At Kendal

Not literally you understand but at last years festival I learnt a new word; to “Balloon” is to be overly excitable and giddy, whirling around uncontrollably. Its derived from the motion that those people shaped balloons create on garage forecourts…

Anyway that was the “in word” in our festival camp and one friend said of late “I saw you ballooning on the Kendal Calling Site”  low and behold there was me, my girlfriend and a friend Mayur captured at last years event. I vaguely remember being snapped, glad to say naturally I had my own camera round my neck and I even managed to crack a smile, not being a natural in-front of the camera as previous self portraits will testify.

Anyway I shall be returning to this years festival and on the strength of last years pictures, which I took just for my own documentation, they have very kindly offered me a photopass for this year (get-in) so I am looking forward to the event with even more excitment; no doubt nearer the time I shall be “Ballooning” big-time!

Jessie Rose Trip – Night & Day

I think a few of my mates are sick of hearing me say how good Jessie Rose Trip are but I got the opportunity to see them again this weekend. This was billed as M.E.N’s gig of  the week and yet again they didnt disappoint! It was nice to meet the band properly too, they are all really nice guys and gals.

Jessie Rose Trip

Lighting in Night and Day was mega dark, which made shooting pretty tricky but with flash and with the “niffy fifty” I managed to get some reasonable images. There were however some pretty nice coloured spots which made for some nice tinted shadows and highlights; besides I think its what appeals to me about this place, the fact that its dark and dingy, even if it does make for it tricky to shoot. Here’s a few more images to feast your eye’s on, the rest are here

Jessie Rose Trip

Jessie Rose Trip

The Long Saturday

WOW what a day, we kicked off in nice gentle style at Mr&Mrs.Boon’s tea party, downstairs in the basement at TV21’s. It really is an event worth dragging yourself along to and its family friendly so no excuse if you have nippers in tow. Clint spins some tunes whilst Mrs. B sells exquisite cakes of the finest order. The afternoon is usually nicely topped off with acoustic performance from and up and coming local artiste. Today it was the turn of the Dutch Uncles, sorry no pics was too dark and didn’t fancy using flash.

A couple of cups tea and huge chocolate eclair later we spirited away, refreshed, across town to the Green Room to watch the latest rendition of the “Thingumajigs” rock opera “Club Vaudeville”

This is the second time I have seen the performance and it has been tweaked and added to since its incarnation last year during the MAPS festival, with noticeable improvement. NOT that it wasn’t good in the first place, its the tale of a down on her luck club owner, who dreams of making it big in the movies but her path to stardom is beset by the dastardly Jean Claude the Fraud, who happens to actually be called Dave from Salford and not French at all! There’s singing and dancing and humor by the bucket load. A great story, which I wont spoil here in case you get the chance to sample it yourself and believe me its well worth it. Flash photography was not encouraged by the theatre so didn’t risk it.

So with sore bellies from all the laughter we made a quick dash up to Portland street for some food at Buffet City. A great place for a quick meal, for those in a rush  on a budget, who dont fancy fash food and something a little different.

WARNING: Dont over indulge!

Suffice to say when we left we could hardly walk and garlic burps were a little too noticeable (woops, pardon me!). So we slowly trudged back to the Green Room for the climax to the evening “Green Bohemia’s 5th Birthday”. On the bill were Dr Butler’s Medicine Hatstand Band, Gideon Conn, Jessie Rose Trip and rounding off and an already successful evening, was The Thingumajigs were back for a performance of the usual tunes we have become accustomed to.

Finally I managed to get some pictures and listen to some great music to boot. Now I have seen Thingumys and Gideon on numerous occasions and really enjoy live sets from both, Dr. Butlers I have seen before but whilst I love their look I am not mad keen on their tune-age (each to his own – I guess). However the act that really caught my eye musically was Jessie Rose Trip, tipped by Clint Boon as a “next big thing” I have to say I whole hearted agree. Jessie’s voice is seductive and soulful with just the right amount of pop like-ability for big thing to happen, backed by a band with a great sense timing.  The very fact that they have a mute trumpet player is the icing on the cake, I am a SUCKER for a mute trumpet, ever since I fell in love with stuff like Portishead and other downbeat artist of their ilk.

All the pictures can been seen here but here’s  a couple more favouirites from the evening…

Dr. Butlers Medecine Hatstand Band

Dr. Butlers Medecine Hatstand Band

Dr Butlers Medicine Hatstand Band

_MG_1544 Green Bohemia wm

Gideon Conn

Jessie Rose Trip

Jessie Rose Trip

Jessie Rose Trip

Thingumabob & The Thingumajigs

Thingumarob vs Thingumakev!

Thingumabob & The Thingumajigs

The Thingumajigs

(L-R) Christopher “Pablo” Paul, Thingumarob, Jack the General Jennings, Mr Aiden Smith & Thingumkev.

We’re Going Underground…

Recently started shooting at a new night on Ashton, outside of Manchester called “Underground Live” The night is on every Saturday and is already drumming up quite a loyal local following, which isnt surprising because over the years Ashton has become something of a ghost town. With revellers tending to migrate out to other areas like “Stayley Vegas” and further afield to Manchester itself. To be fair it isnt surprising as half the pubs only open at lunch time or not all all. So its only right that a night like this should gain some local support. The night is aiming to eminate popular nights in town such as “The Aftershow” putting on some of the best up and coming local talent and bands from further afield across the north west, with regular DJ’s playing you staple indie favourites in the main room between and after the bands, room two is well looked after by “Good Beat DJ’s” who play a broad spcetrum of music across many genres but its all funky and fun.

Keep On Truckin…

Well another weekend flew by, literally at times, as I mentioned previously, Friday night was going to be consumed by the Aftershow. Where we saw the excellent Gideon Conn, who yet again wowed the crowd and during a rapturous climax brought the show to a close with a cover of the Outcast hit Miss Jackson! The boy who seems to be so shy and unassuming has a real stage presence. Even when playing lesser know tracks the crowd who are normally just head nodding to the usual, run of the mill indie acts that play regularly were bouncing up and down and having a great time. We didn’t really stick around to see anyone else as had a big night ahead of us Saturday night (More of that later) but here’s a few images of Gideon in action…

Aftershow Birthday - Gideon Conn 13/09/08

Aftershow Birthday - Gideon Conn 13/09/08

And finally, proving that all photographers have a loving relationship and total respect for one another, even those that are your best mates, heres Gideon (not the singer / rapper) aka G, aka Th3g

Mutual Respect Is Common Amongst Photographers!

Saturday started brightly, I finally got our poor broken down washing machine fixed, its been blocked up for over a week and we were starting to run out of clothes and the water in it had started to smell! YUK!

Then all the football results went my way, much to my delight, oh well apart from Aresenal cruising to a 4-0 win at Blackburn but hey you cant have everything ;-) As for Saturday evening, what can I say things couldnt have gone better. G and I set off just after eight and after a couple of hours driving and some blasts from the past; including Roni Size, Mr Scruff, KRS 1 and other such musical delights, on the stereo we arrived at our meeting place with Andy, a contact from Flickr. Neither of us had met him but were both more than happy to meet up with him as he seemed like a cool guy and was more than capable at “our kind” of photography! We owed him a visit anyways as a previous planned trip had fallen through. All the way down we had been watching the clouds slowly disappear and the stars coming out to play, twinkling in the Autumn sky.

By the time we reached our intended destination, mist had started to form and was swirling all around us, as we crossed a freshly cut field visibility was patchy but the way was illuminated by a full moon and the scene around us was pretty much otherworldly. When we finally approached the location the mist had become thick fog and we could see little more than 15ft in front of us.

The General Pt2
The General
F5.6 / ISO 100 / 167secs / 10mm.
Green gelled flash from behind and to right of camera, cab red gelled flash multiple times, underneath gelled flash yellow, again multiple times.

Lil Pinkie
Lil Pinkie
F5.6 / 201secs / ISO100 / 16mm.
Pink gelled flash from front, cab lit by yellow gel, rear and underneath lit by aqua gelled flash. All fired multiple times.

Keep  On Truckin Pt2
Keep On Truckin PT2
F5.6 / 225secs / ISO100 / 12mm
Exterior greeny blue gelled flash (only once or twice), interior lit with violet flash multiple times and finally underneath lit from rear and far side with “Chrome Orange”

The next shot isn’t amazing but it shows you just HOW foggy it was…

F5.6 / 106secs / ISO100 / 20mm
Red gelled flash from rear and front lit by yellow gelled 2million candle torch.
Hopefully this will give you a size of some of the beasts that we encountered, to the left of this there were empty containers lined up, they are by no means small and this thing absolutely dwarfed them. I remember feeling last time I visited and particularly this time, that some of these now decaying relics resembled massive dinosaurs as they slowly lumbered out of the thick primordial fog.

After packing up our gear we made our way back slowly, pretty blindly, through the fog to the car, where I preceded to make us all a nice cup of tea on my Pocket Rocket Stove. Andy having not met us before was well impressed by how prepared we were! After sharing thoughts about this amazing place and how well we thought we had shot etc we were off to check out a spot we had briefly checked out earlier in the evening before coming here.

10minutes later, zipping down lots of country lanes we were there, due to the nature of the place I am not going to mention where it was but safe to say we didn’t break in or do any damage whatsoever. That goes against our ethos, if we couldn’t have got in we wouldn’t have bothered. Anyways here follows some shots, they are not amazing as I was a lil uneasy shooting there at first but we all settled in after a while and were happily shooting after a little uneasiness.

Shooting Star
Shooting Star (Lockheed T33a)
F5.6 / 132secs / ISO200 / 10mm
Green gelled flash from right side once or twice, cockpit flash twice with red gelled flash and intake lit by red gelled Maglight, joint lighting from myself and Andy.

Thrust (Mig 27k)
F5.6 / 64secs / ISO200 / 10mm
Lit by red gelled 2D Maglight (centre) and again same torch gelled blue, run around in a circle. Whilst shooting this Andy, quite rightly, commented that it looked like an X-Wing from Star Wars! You can pretty much see just how bad the light pollution was here, I really hate that horrible orange sky but what can you do and having said that think it looks ok in this shot.

Bluenose Bast*rd
Blue Nose Bast*rd (Avro Ashton)
F5.6 / 38secs / ISO200 / 10mm
Like a big squid like creature, swimming out of the darkness, all that remains of this beast is the nose and partial fuselage. I was gutted I couldn’t get inside to light the windows but what can you do eh!

After shooting a couple more shots, which sadly didnt make it past the cutting room floor, we all decided it was time to call it a night as it was fast approaching 5am. A very productive night was had by all and I look forward to seeing the others shots.

Will add other pics later, hope you enjoyed the shots and delights this trip provided. my profile


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