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Great Scott

Some of you may recognise  Jo from a previous shoot I did for Dorkzine ; well since that shoot we have stayed in touch and boy am I glad we did! Jo is not only captivating to look at from behind the camera but she has a similar creative vision to myself and we have developed a great working relationship. So I thought I would share a few shots from a couple shoots we have done recently.

First up we visited Alderly Edge a location I have always wanted to check out, not specifically for photography but generally it just looked like a nice place to visit. Anyways rather loosely Jo and I arranged to hook up and check it out for some shots. After meeting up and finding out Jo had forgotten her Sat Nav – we got explicit directions from her step-dad (something he is reknowed for apparently ;-) Anyway here’s a couple images…

The Thing I love and indeed other people have commented on my photos of Jo, is that she manages to look completely different all the time, whether that be down to posing, facial expression or styling; she is SO versatile to work with. Anyway we packed up after a few shots up on the edge itself as light was fading fast and rain was threatening, as is fairly common around these parts ;-) bloody English weather. If I was cursing the weather then, it was nothing compared to what was in store on our next trip out!

I awoke on the Wednesday morning at around 8:30am to large thunder claps and torrential rain, not what I had hoped for having planned a shoot with Jo at a location I had not previously scouted and was unsure how feasable it was to start with! As soon as it was a more sociable hour I sent a text to check weather (boom boom) we were still on. Jo was as usual still fiercly keen to shoot so we met as planned! On the way we both laughed at how both of us were more than concerned about dragging the other out on such a hellish day like this, despite both been secretly mad keen to go ahead anyways! So off we went…

After a little re-con we found the location, an abandoned power-station. I have to say visiting locations like this one is not un-common to me but dragging along a model is not such every-day occurence and I was unsure how Jo would hold out but like the  true preofessional that she is, she took it all in her stride. Anyway enough waffle here’s some of the shots…

…and just to demonstrate just how bad the weather was (and hopefully how awesome the location was), I used some artistic license and the full potential of my (basic) photoshop technique and came up with this…

Jo can also say she is an urban-explorer aswell as one hell of a model!

Hope you enjoyed looking, stay tuned for more…

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I “Heart” Google!

I recently very randomly found out by checking my stats on Flickr that this image appears on Page Four of Google’s image search under the term “Crime Scene Investigation” which if you think about it is no mean feat when you factor in how many random images of crime scenes there must be out there on the t’interweb. That coupled with the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of images relating to the popular American crime drama show, of which I am a big fan and this was partly the inspiration for the shoot.  So I gave myself a big pat on the back!

Vivienne Westwood Store Opening

After a few other shoots for Manchester Fashion Network, I got invited along to the opening Westwoods new boutique on Bridge St Manchester. The Store is to showcase her new “Anglomania” collection which is a diffusuion of her Red & Gold Labels and celebrates all she has learnt and developed over 34 years.
Sadly she didnt put in an appearance but to make up for this there was champagne and sushi on hand to brighten the mood. The afterparty was to be at be at Ithaca Sushi Restaurant in a private bar high up on the  3rd floor.
Before making a beeline for there  we headed over to “Circle Bar” to quickly catch a fashion show put on by Channel M, we missed most of the show but we did run into one very familiar face, sadly he wasnt wearing baggy trousers…

Channel M Fashion Show - Circle Club, Manchester.

Funny thing was, because I was stood nearby, with my camera round my neck everyone wanted their picture taken with Suggsy (of Madness fame)! Luckilly though he’s a nice bloke and kindly abliged on at least 5 occaisions.

How To: Create Your Own Crime Scene

This is an idea I have had for some time, re-creating a crime scene. I find it strangely fascinating, if a little dark and gruesome! Ok so your asking why in the hell would I want to create a crime scene? Well if like me you enjoy watching CSI (any or all three of them) or other such programmes like FBI Files or even I dunno the X-Files, this might appeal to you. I know I’m not the only one I found this blog whilst browsing the other day. Other than my interest in the aforementioned tv viewing, at the time of working on this project I was in a real creative slump and needed something that was going to push my photography to another level. After a test shoot with a friend, which didnt go completely to plan, I managed to convince a contact off Model Mayhem to do the shoot with me and these are some of the results…

Crime Scene Investigation.

Crime Scene Investigation 1 - TdM Photography ©

Ok on to what you will need;

  1. A willing accomplice, someone to play dead basically.
  2. Clothes that the model / friend wont mind getting dirty, ripped etc depends how authentic a look you are going for!
  3. Fake Blood of some sort, google it there are loads of recipes.
  4. Location markers to highlight potential evidence, I used some blank cards and spray painted them yellow and to make them look more realistic number decals, you could use letters if you wanted or make your own stencils to save money.
  5. A suitable location, location is key, sure crime happens everywhere, but find somewhere dark and gritty looking to add an element of realism. In my examples the model happened to know a friend who lived in a squat, we went here for the afternoon and did the shoot in an upstairs room.
  6. On camera flash gun
  7. Turn off the lights, yeah its a nightmare to focus in the dark but use a torch, partially illuminating the crime scene will make for interesting shadow and hey thats what the professionals do. I hadn’t got a choice in this case, there were no lights! So go on test your self!
CSI Crime Scene 2 -  TdM Photography ©

CSI Crime Scene 2 - TdM Photography ©

Crime Scene Investigation 4 - TdM Photography ©

Crime Scene Investigation 4 - TdM Photography ©

Top photo used by Nikkidarling to right this guide my profile


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