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Into The Night

Been meaning to write this post for weeks now, but until the realism of its subject actually gathered pace I have been holding off a bit! After what seems like forever, countless emails badgering people etc,  I have finally managed to get an exhibition arranged at Font Bar, New Wakefield St. Manchester.

The Exhibition commences this Sunday, with an opening night 6-9 and the images will hang for 3months. These last couple of months have really amazed me and what I have been able to achieve once securing the venue. I have of course had lots of help from friends and family, without whom it wouldnt be possible.

On the opening night there will also be guest DJ spot by the very talented Mr Air Adam and hopefully PA permitting a very exclusive acoustic performance by Mutineers, who are close friends of mine and have photographed them on many occaisions.

So lots and lots of planning will finally come to fruition this Sunday, still much to be done and I am nervous as hell (!) but really looking forward to it. I set out with one key goal this year and that was to exhibit and finally I am about to achieve it, I cant wait. All are welcome so if you are nearby and interested enough to pop in, please do so, the pieces will hang as I say for 3months so if you cant make the opening dont worry. Also it would be great to get some feedback let me know what you thought, get in touch drop me a quick mail or a comment here or on facebook or my website.

Hopefully see you there! :-)

Exhibition Layout

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I have a dream

F7.1  / 36mins / ISO200 / 10mm

Ambient light apart from torch at the bottom of the steps (doh, although I quite like it!)

More of a re-con mission than a serious attempt at shooting, I have wanted to visit this monster statue for sometime now. After seeing it get the go-ahead on Channel 4’s “Big Art” program I immediately contacted St Helens council, who based on my previous night photography work have commissioned me to take some night photography of the statue. Last nights effort was just really to go have a look see what I was dealing with exactly with this 20m high statue, quite possibly the largest thing I have ever tried to capture seriously.

Watch this space for more ;-)

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Hogging The Lime – Light!

After two trips now to this once thriving yet hidden piece of industry in the Derbyshire countryside, it has captured my imagination. Both times I saw and captured uniquely different scenes, primarily because I shot with different formats on both occasions.

The first outing to these former lime kilns all the shots were on 35mm colour film, on my trusty sidekick the Olympus OM10. The below shot by far the best of the handful of shots I took that evening and its fast becoming one of my favorite shots to date, the grass of course isn’t really red! That was achieved by flash gun gelled red and the interior of the old building lit with lime green (ironically)


Ever since I saw images of this place I have longed to come here at night, as the architecture is so strangely disproportionate to the original indented use. The buildings are a strange blend of super urbanistic future army base cum prison crossed with Myan / Inca temples from the far off rain forests of South America.

My second trip was admittedly more positive photography wise, not only cos we arrived pre darkness but I was accompanied by someone who knew where most of the sites buildings were situated, last time it was a case of follow ones nose in the darkness and see what we find which all be it was fun and I captured the above image, which I am extremely happy with, its pretty much always better to “be prepared” (eh scouts!) Anyway the following shots were taken on said second outing on a beautifully clear night…

Bridge of Cy (an) s

Bridge of Cy (an) s

Middle Thirds and sheep Turds!

Middle Thirds and Sheep Turds

Temple of Bloom

Temple of Bloom

Tonights Light Painting Was Bought To You By The Letter "A"

Tonight’s Light Painting Was bought to you by the Letter A

Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge

Coloured Lights at Night

OK been a bit busy of late, as previous posts will testify but here’s a few film shots I recently got developed to keep the interest up ;-)

All shots are unedited apart from addition of watermark and minor adjustments such as straightening. Really pretty pleased at how these shots turned out and the quality and sharpness that film provides never ceases to amaze me. Bulk of the shots are from a second visit to a former RAF Base, with the exception of the two underground shots, they were captured under the streets of Lancashire somewhere in an old culvert!

Anyway enough babble, on with the shots…

Haymaker Pt2

Haymaker PT2 – Canon EOS3000 F6.3 / ISO200 Film / 24mm /Aprrox 3mins.

Frigid  Air

Frigid Air – Canon EOS3000 F6.3 / ISO200 Film / 24mm / Approx 3mins
This lonely fridge stands in a corner of a room in this old base, with only a sink shoved inside its top half for company.

British Red & Blue

British Red & Blue – Canon EOS 3000 / F6.3 / ISO200 / Approx 8mins / 24mm


Haymaker PT2 – Canon EOS 3000 / F6.3 / ISO200 / Approx 5mins / 24mm



Long story behind the title but far too long to to explain here ;-) Dont remember the shot details for the above or below shots and god knows its a miracle they turned out anywhere near as good as this.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Ok so this shot isnt technically brilliant but I wanted to add it because I was so blown away by the size of the arches. It was extremeley hard because one it was completely pitch black and two there were 4 or so other people with us who were not completely in-tune with what I was trying to achieve but hey I aint bitching cos I wouldnt have been there in the first place if it wasnt for them. Also I coulnt even see as far as second couple of people further up on far side the tunnel, let alone as far as the exposure has picked up.

Rise like lions after slumber…

Former TGWU Building Salford, Manchester. Have wanted to shoot this building ever since its reincarnation, mainly due to the changing colours of the LED’s at the base of the building. So tonight, on the way back from taking photos of the CEO of River Island; due in part to lack of funds and the fact I wasn’t ready for home, I walked along the Crescent and took some shots of this building that has so captured my imagination. I saw it a few weeks back when we had heavy fog sadly at the time hadn’t got the camera with me. Oh well, this will do ;-) No extra saturation, slight sharpening and only other PS work was cleaning a what seemed like a million dirty sensor spots :-( time for a Calumet clean.

Blurb about the building…

The ground floor glass frontage will be lit by colour changing LED lights, with a photographic installation on lettering suspended behind the glass. The lettering is a verse taken from Shelly’s poem ‘The Mask of Anarchy’ .Shelley wrote the poem in Italy in 1819 after he heard of the Peterloo Massacre but the chosen verse is a call for people to stand together against oppression.. The verse reads:

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number-

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many – They are few

More here…

Mini Adventure

Andy's Mini

Some test shots for Andy, my web designer friend, got the right ideas just need to work on the execution a little. As you may (may not be aware) I am no stranger to lighting up inanimate objects after dark, but when you throw people in to the mix thats a whole different ball game. I found lighting the car fairly simple but need some practice on lighting people either in the same shot or compositing several shots at least until I can afford extra flash guns and triggers.


Andy's Mini

Watch this space…

All Star “Line Up”

All Star Line Up!

All Star “Line Up”.

Stacking method used to create this shot, 1hour 12mins = 144shots (F5 / 30secs / ISO 100 12mm) 1dark frame and one frame exposed for the foreground, flashed several times natural flash. More details to post when its not 2:50am!


Ok am a bit more awake now, so here’s some more details…

I have to be fair that one of the first things that attracted me to night photography, was star trails. Its definitely one of the things that makes this field of photography so exciting and also exceptionally beautiful. Normally when I am out light painting, shots are taken in one exposure, one of the main reasons for this being that there are plenty of people out there who are ready to dismiss this form of photography as mere photoshop fakery, so anything that can be done to reduce the doubters and minimise the need for post processing is fine by mean. Besides this means less work for me ;-) Regardless of this most exposures are between 3 and 5mins, at very max 10, so any stars are a bonus and probably only tiny streaks. If I am looking to get some stars in the frame at the same time and even then this means an exposure of 25mins or so. The problem with this is the amount of time needed afterwards to noise reduce (usually the same as the length of exposure) and secondly lighting needs to be continually built up, to avoid fading or washed out colours.

So I was extremely pleased when I learned recently of a process called stacking, the best tutorial for this I have found was on a fellow photographers blog / site. Dan aka Liquid In Plastic has used this technique to great effect and a link to his very well explained tutorial can be found on the side of my page, under tutorials.

You should check out Dan’s work generlly as it is exceptional. The method he employs and indeed I did too, works a treat. I’m not gonna try to replicate his tutorial as I havent the patience and his explanation doesnt need adapting. The only thing i did differently was shoot RAW instead of JPEG as my 20D is a little old now and can get a touch noisey. Also I was shooting in a built up area with lots of nasty Orange Sodium Vapour lighting which can mean lots of light pollution, so wanted to be able to have some control over this. my profile


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