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Hogging The Lime – Light!

After two trips now to this once thriving yet hidden piece of industry in the Derbyshire countryside, it has captured my imagination. Both times I saw and captured uniquely different scenes, primarily because I shot with different formats on both occasions.

The first outing to these former lime kilns all the shots were on 35mm colour film, on my trusty sidekick the Olympus OM10. The below shot by far the best of the handful of shots I took that evening and its fast becoming one of my favorite shots to date, the grass of course isn’t really red! That was achieved by flash gun gelled red and the interior of the old building lit with lime green (ironically)


Ever since I saw images of this place I have longed to come here at night, as the architecture is so strangely disproportionate to the original indented use. The buildings are a strange blend of super urbanistic future army base cum prison crossed with Myan / Inca temples from the far off rain forests of South America.

My second trip was admittedly more positive photography wise, not only cos we arrived pre darkness but I was accompanied by someone who knew where most of the sites buildings were situated, last time it was a case of follow ones nose in the darkness and see what we find which all be it was fun and I captured the above image, which I am extremely happy with, its pretty much always better to “be prepared” (eh scouts!) Anyway the following shots were taken on said second outing on a beautifully clear night…

Bridge of Cy (an) s

Bridge of Cy (an) s

Middle Thirds and sheep Turds!

Middle Thirds and Sheep Turds

Temple of Bloom

Temple of Bloom

Tonights Light Painting Was Bought To You By The Letter "A"

Tonight’s Light Painting Was bought to you by the Letter A

Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge


The Return of an Old Favorite…

I am sure many Mancunians, used to frequenting the Northern Quarter, will be familiar with this old place. Though I never went prior to its closure, it has now been re-opened much to many locals delight. The building itself is grade II listed and has been serving ale since 1776! Apparently at t one stage it even had its own micro brewery out the back in a ramshackle shed cum garage.

Over the years the venue has seen many musical visitors including Mark E Smith from The Fall is a regular at one stage, as well as some early impromptu gigs from local favorites like Elbow, I Am Kloot, and Stephen Fretwell. Ian Curtis once did an interview in the Castle in 1979, even John Peel was known to pop in occasionally!

Now under new, forward thinking ownership, renovations are well underway and the place has begun a new chapter. Lots of exciting plans are been hatched so watch This Space more more info and details of up-coming events.

Definitely worth a visit for the atmosphere of a small old pub in the city and the “Old Tom” beer, at 8.6% its guaranteed to put hairs on your chest, that or flat on your back!

Inside The Castle

Coasting Along…


Ok so a couple of posts back, I mentioned I was off to the Welsh coast for a weekend, well I have a few film shots to share from my lovely old OM10. Strange that for once I managed to get film shots processed before I have even looked at my digital images…

Friday evening as we arrived in the dark, there was intermitent rain with quite heavy gusts of wind, it didnt look to promising for the rest of the weekend. In fact I am sure at one stage during the journey as we rounded the far end of Bala Lake it was snowing and hailing! WTF!

The mood however brigthened after a couple of bottles of wine and all was forgotten about the weather as we settled in for night, finally went to bed around 2AM (I think).

Saturday was spent mostly walking and drinking, we went down to the beach 3 times in all. A long walk Southwards, towards the estuary mouth first thing in the morning certainly blew away the cobwebs and despite the odd shower here and there, aswell as the generally blustery conditions, I really enjoyed the bracing walk. Conditions for photography were just as I like them, if the weather isnt gonna behave, then I would far rather it show me something mean and moody, not just flat grey dullness (I see plenty of that back in Manchester!)


Highlights of the walk were certainly, just off the beach, as we rounded the corner along the estuary flats there were quite a few nice boats at various levels due to the tide and further up nestled in the dunes is the church of St.Tanwg  (pictures to follow). After spending a considerable time taking pictures of the Nemo (see above) an old wreck that is now craddled, embeded in the sand of the estuary’s little bay, we headed over for a quick look at the church then back to the house for a truely scrummy fried brunch.

After food, with it fast approaching mid afternoon, we decided, with the weather brightening that we should take another wander down the beach, before heading to the pub later on to watch the England game. This time we headed off in the direction of Harlech Castle, following the railway line along the beach.

More To Come…

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