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And Oh Yeah It Was The End of The Summer…

Somewhat foolishly we decided to go for a walk last Sunday and I can truely say summer is over, like it ever begun I hear you say! Well after deciding to avoid the fair at Buile Hill Park, on account of it being over run with chavs, we headed off in the direction of Clifton Country Park. No mean feat in itself, as it must be a good 40 minute walk from the house alone. I havent been since March last year and the foilage, due in part probably to the recent heavy rain, was overgrown and stark contrast to my previous trip. The main reason for going was to get some shots of the epic 13 arch viaduct, but due to rain and the fact that all the new greenery hides a great deal of this massive structure I hardly got the camera out! After trapsing down winding muddy tracks for an hour or so and having crossed the full and fast flowing River Irwell, we finally got a proper look at it and despite the weather conditions and the fact that over half of is hidden; its still a site to behold!

After attemtping to take a couple of shots, we plodded on in the rain, it was at this point where it turned ugly! The rain got harder the wind more forceful and at one stage I felt like I was in Vietnam, tripod in hand rucksack on my back, horrendous weather and night closing in – as we hadnt set off till 6.30ish it was now getting on for 8ish. We finally made it home at around 9 and cooked a lovely chicken risotto and enjoyed a few large glasses of vino! I have since worked out that we walked 5.5miles that day which whilst that isnt unusual for me but Reet (Mrs.TdM) is not a big fan of walking, so hats off to her! :-)

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Rise like lions after slumber…

Former TGWU Building Salford, Manchester. Have wanted to shoot this building ever since its reincarnation, mainly due to the changing colours of the LED’s at the base of the building. So tonight, on the way back from taking photos of the CEO of River Island; due in part to lack of funds and the fact I wasn’t ready for home, I walked along the Crescent and took some shots of this building that has so captured my imagination. I saw it a few weeks back when we had heavy fog sadly at the time hadn’t got the camera with me. Oh well, this will do ;-) No extra saturation, slight sharpening and only other PS work was cleaning a what seemed like a million dirty sensor spots :-( time for a Calumet clean.

Blurb about the building…

The ground floor glass frontage will be lit by colour changing LED lights, with a photographic installation on lettering suspended behind the glass. The lettering is a verse taken from Shelly’s poem ‘The Mask of Anarchy’ .Shelley wrote the poem in Italy in 1819 after he heard of the Peterloo Massacre but the chosen verse is a call for people to stand together against oppression.. The verse reads:

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number-

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many – They are few

More here…

How Anyone Can Say Film Is Dead, Is Beyond Me!

Just been doing some film scans from back in the day when all I had was a lil Kodak APS camera. It was a nifty little thing, that often produced great reasults and lovely colours (though in hindsight that was probably the Kodak Film). Anyways I thought I would share some of the results, most of the shots are around 10 years old. Here are a couple of my favourites…

Born Free (From Capitalism)

America F**K YEAH!

Stencils were rife when I first arrived in Manchester and at the time I managed to capture what have become some well renowed and iconic stencils, particularly by Bansky. The Angel (shot at top) was actually taken on a trip down to London in Covent Garden. The leopard shot was taken in Manchester and the other two stencils (Liberty & Spam) I have no idea as to who the artists were but they are pretty cool regardless.

Fritters Anyone?

A True Salford Classic

I remember at the time been obsessed, particularly from a photographic point of view by graffiti and unusaul street signs (graffitied street signs – heaven!). I dont know why but those two subjects just captured my imagination. One of my favourite pieces of local graffiti was “Dean Lewtas The Grass” over the course of 6 months it appeared all over Salford and to a lesser extent towards town. I think I found it quite funny to imagine who this bloke was, what he had done, who he had “grassed on” etc, never did manage to find out so I guess it will remain one of those local urban legends. my profile


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