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All Attitude & No Trousers

Killing time at the start of the evening with some off camera flash tomfoolery!

Was asked to shoot an event at Selfridges, in Manchester last night and with the details being a bit sketchy I hadnt really got a clue whatwould be shooting! All I was told was it was something to do with “Attitude Magazine or something” After doing a bit of Googling it turned out it was a gay magazine, which whilst that doesnt bother me I wasnt quite sure what I had let myself in for.

As it turned out it was all good clean fun ;-) We were charged with capturing shots of customers posing with a well chisled model in-front some advertising hoarding and I was to get in-cidentals around the store of some of the fun events they put on. These included surfing, strong man hammer thingumy and a fashion show of mens underwear.

Its the second time I have seen one of these recentlty and I have always wanted to have a go, but I always seem to have my camera in hand when the opportunity presents itself!

I was quite proud of myself (as a photographer) for making good use of the escalators during the fashion show, timing it so I was going up as the models were in-front of the crowd, so I could get the whole scene in, whilst a lil dangerous I was in my element – despite a few strange looks as I smuggly smiled to myself disappearing up to the next floor!

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